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Mykonos town hotel Small, Clean & Good Value

I booked this and although very cheap was surprised to find that it was in a good location in the town, by the Bus stations and in a quiet street.
Rooms were clean and basic but above average for 1* hotel, It was more like some of the paris 3* that I have stayed in.
Only problem was that the owner and cleaner were awake early and chat in the mornings while you are in bed, this started about 8am every morning and there was a dog that barked from the opp flats every time someone went passed and drove me insane.
Overall, a good place for people on a budget.

Clean, quiet and close to everything
Located within the port town in Mykonos. Walking distance to everything in town including the bus stop to easily get to the beaches. Staff is friendly. Rooms are very clean. I had my own bathroom but apparently there are rooms that don't. I wouldn't worry about it though. It's been a very pleasant experience.

Liked — Clean, quiet and close to everything

Date of Stay: June 2008  Nice and cheap hotel in Mykonos town
The hotel is humble, so don't expect too much from the rooms, but the prices are very good (keep into due account that Mykonos tends to be far more expensive than the other islands in the area). The location is very convenient, very close to the bus station (main link to the beaches) as well as to the town center.
The owner Maria is a very friendly, kind lady, she will try to accomodate any requests of yours and will provide any kind of information on the island. No need to ask, she'll come and pick you up at the airport at any time.
We did enjoy our time at the Galini, I would definitely recommend it!

Guest type: Adult familystayed in Apr 2008  Guest name: ST, Thailand The owner, Maria, is so kind and pleasant to chat with. She offers pick up to and from. I booked a tripple room and she offered 1 double 1 single at no extra cost. It gave us more space and saved her energy for the 3rd bed so it's win-win and I'm very happy. In generally, I feel Greek people are nice and have great hospitality and she is a fine example for this.

Guest stayed in Sep 2007 Guest name: MORGAN REMOND, France A very nice guesthouse. A pretty warm welcoming. A very good quality compared to the price.Guest type: Young couplestayed in Aug 2007 Guest name: Monica Simonatto, Italy Our room was great! Clean, confortable, quiet and very spaciousness. The hotel is close to the center and you can easily find all you need. Mrs Nazou is very nice,friendly and at your disposal for anything you need.

Guest type: Single traveller stayed in Jun 2007This hotel is really cute and very quiet even though it's very close to the centre of Mykonos and its restaurants. The rooms are impeccable and Maria and her husband are very friendly and helpful. Compared to the general hotel rates of Mykonos, it's rather cheap and I recommend it to everyone.

Guest type: Family with young children stayed in Apr 2007 Guest name: Wendy Hoople, Canada This hotel was a pleasant surprise. A gem for the price. Clean, quiet, and comfortable. Just off Laka Square, it is in the heart of Mykonos town and quick walking distance to the port, shopping and dining. Friendly and helpful staff. I would definitely go back again.

Guest stayed in Apr 2007Guest name: MATHERON REGINE, France Maria was very helpful, she phoned others hotels planned in our tour to check reservations, as our documents were stollen in Athens.Guest  stayed in Apr 2007 Guest name: Kurt Cross, USAThis is right in the center of the town, great location, near buses, car or scooter rentals. Host is very nice and will pick you up from the port or airport.

Guest stayed in Apr 2007 Guest name: ADAMANTIA PANA, Greece If you want to stay to a -small- but VERY FRIENDLY hotel INTO the town of Hora-Mykonos with 3-minute access to bars etc, but without the noise of them, you must prefer this hotel. All the rooms in hora (that I know) are more expensive and if you can afford a bigger and more expensive room go somewere else. If you want a room for a sleep between clubing etc, its PERFECT

Guest stayed in Sep 2006 Guest name: Lyudmila Bukhonko, USA Very nice small hotel. The owner Maria is very friendly and helpful. Price seems to be more then I would prefer for the room, but comparing to other choices we had it was OK. Ask for the transportation when booking because it's a long walk from the north bas station on very narrow streets with a lot of people.

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